Best Property Management Software – 5 Best Options You Can Count On

Best Property Management Software - 5 Best Options You Can Count On

Finding the right property management software can be a game-changer for real estate professionals. With so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one that meets your specific needs. In this technology blog, will explore the various features and benefits of property management software and share valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. So, whether you are a property owner, a landlord, or a property manager, read on to discover the potential of best property management software and how it can streamline your operations and maximize your business productivity.

1. Buildium – Best property management software

Buildium - Best property management software
Buildium – Best property management software

Buildium is a different well-liked platform for real estate experts that bills itself as a network of property management services. It offers a wide range of tools for leasing, bookkeeping, running a business, and property administration.

Buildium offers you a quick and simple solution to manage and grow your real estate portfolio, regardless of how many properties you own—three or three thousand. You may sell homes and locate renters online in addition to using the program to manage maintenance requests and finances.

You may screen renters before creating contracts and accept online applications, just like Appfolio. You may easily communicate with stakeholders thanks to the portals available to citizens, board members, house owners, and property owners.

Community associations, dorms for students, rental homes, and inexpensive housing are all covered by the software. The cost is determined by the number of units you manage, plus extra charges for tenant screening, electronic paperwork, and online payments.

Buildium’s Essential plan has a monthly price starting at about $50, £45, or AU$75, and a free trial is available.

2. Appfolio – Best property management software

For apartment, residential, business, municipal, and student property management, Appfolio offers a range of cloud solutions. As a real-time property management solution, it is advertised. With the help of the application, real estate brokers can manage their properties, keep track of their finances, and discover new renters and clients.

The platform allows users to access business KPIs, track maintenance, and interact with tenants, owners, and vendors with the goal of optimizing procedures in the real estate and property management industry. A separate owner’s site is also available, providing access to reports and statements.

Other capabilities allow for the acceptance of online rental applications, screening of possible tenants, distribution of job advertisements online, online rent collection, and mobile inspections. Additionally, tenants may submit maintenance requests using the program, allowing managers of rental properties to rapidly fix issues.

There are many monthly options available depending on the kind of properties you’re wanting to rent or sell. The cost for 50 units starts at a minimum of $280, £250, or AU$420 every month.

3. Rent Manager – Best property management software

Rent Manager - Best property management software
Rent Manager – Best property management software

The property management platform Rent Manager is adaptable and simple to use, and it can manage properties of any size. A database for asset management, integrated accounting, contact administration, work ordering, and marketing solutions are all included.

You may track, manage, and fix service problems from the site, and you can monitor your finances by obtaining thorough reports. With Rent Manager integrated, you can build a sophisticated and dynamic website to attract new renters or purchasers for a property.

The platform’s mobile friendliness is yet another fantastic feature. You may use a mobile app to receive money, plan service inspections, input work orders, and take pictures while you’re on the move.

But this software is useful for more than just property managers; renters can use it to sign leases, pay rent, and view real-time data and transaction logs from any device. There is a free trial available if you want to try out the software, but you’ll need to get in touch with the firm to learn more about pricing.

4. Re-Leased – Best property management software

You may lease mixed-family housing, retail, office, and industrial space with Re-Leased, in addition to residential and commercial buildings.

The program serves as a focal point where you can see automatic workflows and impending chores. You can browse and manage properties, engage with your team and assign tasks, and email and text with renters all from a single straightforward dashboard. Additionally, you may resolve problems and receive reminders for crucial activities. Additionally, there is connectivity with Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Google Calendar.

On the company’s website, you may ask for a price quote if you’re interested in the program. Any user may login to Xero accounting software, get customer support, add as many properties as they like, and utilize the platform from desktops, tablets, and smartphones over the cloud.

Additionally, the app is secured with enterprise-level technology to guarantee that crucial company information never falls into the wrong hands.

5. MRI Real Estate Software – Best property management software

MRI Real Estate Software - Best property management software
MRI Real Estate Software – Best property management software

The program is appropriate for a variety of real-estate firms, including commercial, residential, mixed-use, and student properties. It is aimed at investors and managers.

Billing and invoicing, contact management, tracking maintenance, cost management, insurance management, lease administration, handling taxes, a landlord and tenant database, rent tracking, and late fee calculation are among the features.

However, you’ll need to contact the provider to obtain an estimate of cost as this program is mostly intended for corporate users. You may test out the platform concurrently to see whether it meets your needs. Real estate companies including Hammerson, Aberdeen Asset Management, and Standard Life now use it.


In conclusion, when it comes to best property management software, finding the best software solution is crucial for streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency. After evaluating various options, it is evident that there are several top contenders in the market. Each software offers unique features and benefits, catering to the diverse needs of property managers and landlords. It is essential to consider factors such as ease of use, robustness, scalability, and customer support when selecting the best property management software for your business. By investing in the right software, property managers can automate tasks, improve communication, and ultimately enhance their overall property management experience.

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