Unique Experiences In Beijing, China

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Beijing, China’s historical capital and a humming modern metropolis rolled into one, is a place rich in educational opportunities. While some visitors choose to simply walk the winding hutong lanes and soak up the city’s contagious ambiance, others seek out cultural events, either by sitting back and watching the masters in action or by rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty. Whether you’re preparing traditional Chinese meals, learning calligraphy, or dining in a historic palace, you’ll leave with a lasting impression, a new perspective, and possibly a new talent.  Here are the most unique experiences in Beijing, China.

Unique Experiences In Beijing, China

Acrobatics show at the Chaoyang Theatre

If you’re a fan of Cirque du Soleil, don’t miss the acrobatics show at the Chaoyang Theatre while in Beijing. The nightly antics on offer include a mind-boggling blend of contortion, juggling, spinning plates, and high-wire feats, but perhaps not as spectacular as the aforementioned world-famous group. The Beijing Acrobatic Troupe, which was created in 1957, performs faultless tricks that they’ve been polishing since they were children. Audiences will be treated to stunning choreography, brilliant costumes, and traditional music in addition to the extraordinary feats of skill and courage. Even the back seats provide a good view, so don’t be tempted to pay more for VIP seats.

Kung Fu show at the Red Theatre

Kung Fu show at the Red Theatre | Unique Experiences In Beijing, China

This multi-award-winning show is much more than just a bunch of people doing planks. The Legend of Kung Fu show at Beijing’s Red Theatre, produced by China’s leading art production firm, brings together the country’s greatest kung fu practitioners, designers, directors, and choreographers in one action-packed performance. Martial arts talents are combined with modern dance and a compelling tale, which is conveyed with English subtitles above the stage. There are no spoilers, however this story is worth your time, so don’t waste it shooting photos and missing the surprises.

Peking opera at the Liyuan Theatre

Peking opera is a classic icon of China, despite being something of an acquired taste due to its high-pitched nasal runs. The highly stylized and disciplined genre dates back to the 18th century, although modern practitioners are becoming increasingly rare. The Liyuan Theatre is a no-frills venue near Beijing’s Forbidden City, but the costumes, make-up, songs, and dances are top-notch. Foreigners can follow the tales thanks to English subtitles, and tea and small snacks are given. It’s worth getting there 30 minutes early to see how a character develops while a performer applies make-up on stage.

Stroll in the Royal Gardens

The imperial gardens, from Beihai Park to the luxuriant Summer Palace, as well as the Fragrant Hills Park, were once the exclusive pleasure grounds of the royals, but they are now open to the public for exploration.

Huguang Guild Opera Theater

While visiting Beijing on a Fulbright over the summer, we got the chance to attend a standard Peking Opera. Though the show was entirely in Mandarin, it absolutely was highly entertaining and lively. the colourful colors of the venue, coupled…

Hutong Tour

One element of experiential travel is within the local transportation; in Beijing, the hutong pedicab tour may be a good way to experience the town and learn the way people lived, both past and present. Pedicabs wind through the narrow streets with open…

Tai chi at the Temple of Heaven

Tai chi at the Temple of Heaven
Unique Experiences In Beijing, China

Take an hour out of the hustle and bustle of Beijing and learn the traditional ‘internal’ self-defense of tai chi chuan. Within the beautifully landscaped grounds of the storied Temple of Heaven, individuals and tiny groups can learn the muse of t’ai chi, its roots within the philosophy of Taoism, the concepts of yin and yang and also the power of a mysterious energy referred to as qi. Participants will participate during a demonstration from a master before learning breathing exercises and even a style of self-massage. You’ll leave the category with a routine of nine tai chi chuan steps under your belt and a definite feeling of serenity. For the simplest experience, invite Eric as your teacher.

Play With Dough cooking class

Play With Dough cooking class | Unique Experiences In Beijing, China

Certified foodies can roll up their sleeves and return home with some new skills in their repertoire. The cooking classes at The Hutong – a well-run and inclusive cultural exchange centre nestled among Beijing’s ancient winding lanes – are engaging for all levels of skill and knowledge. learn the way to recreate the delicious carby dishes you’re absolute to become passionate about during a stay in China’s capital; the selection of lessons includes hand-pulled noodles, xiao long bao (soup dumplings), jiaozi, culinary art and baozi (all variants of dumplings). Vegetarian options are available and every one classes include free-flowing soft drinks and three printed recipe cards to require home. The building also includes a nice rooftop area, so head on up for a celebratory beer after your dinner (weather permitting).

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