The Prettiest Cities And Towns In Iceland

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A journey to Iceland is an extraordinary experience. It is among one of the most normally stunning nations to see, with looming falls, thermal pools like the Blue Lagoon, volcanos, stretching glaciers, hills, antarctic lagoons, tiny angling towns, Northern Lights, grazing sheep in the countryside, and wild Icelandic steeds. The air is fresh, individuals are captivating, as well as the surrounding Atlantic sea supplies consistent reminders of Iceland’s Viking roots. Whether you choose a base in the resources city of Reykjavik and make day trips north as well as southern, or whether you choose to lease an automobile and drive the Ring Roadway or Golden Circle, there are a number of great cities to experience as well as see throughout your check out. Plan your trips with our checklist of the prettiest cities and towns in Iceland.

The Prettiest Cities And Towns In Iceland


The Prettiest Cities And Towns In Iceland: Reykjavik

Your check out to Iceland will likely begin as well as finish in Reykjavik, which is the capital city and the hub for numerous activities. Reykjavik, on the southwest shore of Iceland, is among the very best places to check out, as it is a captivating and walkable city. Though it is the largest city in Iceland, with a population of barely over 200,000 people, it is still fairly little when you consider funding cities.

Among the top points perform in Reykjavik is see the Hallgrimskirkja Church. At 73-meters high, you can not miss it. Take the lift to the leading and watch out the open-air windows of the viewing platform for a panoramic sight over the city.


Hafnarfjörður in southwest Iceland is one of the prettiest cities and towns in Iceland. The community hosts a yearly Viking event, and it is where fanatics of the inhabitants check out to enjoy the culture given that it is among the oldest communities on the island. There are several unique tasks readily available in Hafnarfjörður, from covert globe excursions and also horseback riding trips to trips to see typical Icelandic costumes.

You will certainly see many lava areas in Hafnarfjörður, as the town was improved 7,000-year-old lava rock, making for an unusual look of the landscape bordering the homes. There are several geothermal attributes to the community, consisting of Kleifarvatn Lake, which is the topic of regional folklore as well as a must-see while you are in the location.



Akureyri is renowned for the beauty of both the community itself as well as its natural environments. It expanded in dimension thanks to its naturally ice-free harbor and good conditions for farming. There are a variety of interesting social as well as historical galleries in the center, however, the real must-see is the Botanical Garden, which consists of almost every plant that grows in Iceland. Depending on when you determine to come, there’s also a good chance that you’ll catch among the community’s lots of performances, festivals, and exhibitions.


The story goes that Húsavík was the site of the initial settlement in Iceland, when a Viking came for the winter season and after that left, leaving behind a guy and also two servants that would certainly go on to build a farm there. Now, it is just one of Iceland’s essential traveler communities, mostly since it’s a great place ahead for whale enjoying. Multiple species can be found at the bay, as well as you can additionally visit the Húsavík Whale Museum after you’ve seen one in real life. As the largest town in northeast Iceland, this is additionally a wonderful branching-off point for a few of the nation’s finest trekking trails. Lots of are also satisfactory throughout the snowy cold weather, so don’t avoid seeing Iceland put on its winter season finery.

Vík í Mýrdal

Vík í Mýrdal | The Prettiest Cities And Towns In Iceland

Vík is the most southern village in Iceland, and less than 200 individuals are lucky sufficient to call it home. The traveler market is quite possibly created right here because of the attractive coasts on which it exists. The sand on the coastline is made from black lava, as the village rests directly below a huge volcano. You’ll additionally see the cliffs that make the village well-known, along with the sea heaps that rise up out of the water like ghosts. The community is a bit greater than a tiny team of reduced structures and also a church rising up on the hill, however the memory of all of it makes sure to stay etched in your mind.

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