The Best Coffee Shops in Akureyri, Iceland

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Discover Akureyri, Iceland’s second-largest city located in close proximity to the Arctic Circle. While the town is truly fairly small, it offers its own style of coffee shops worth visiting. Explore the town and its selection of cafés with our list of the best coffee shops in Akureyri.

The Best Coffee Shops in Akureyri, Iceland

Kaffi Ilmur

The Best Coffee Shops in Akureyri, Iceland | Kaffi Ilmur

This adorable café was originally in-built 1911 as a saddler’s shop and later served as a goldsmith’s shop. After being extensively restored by the descendants of the initial saddler, the café still sounds like a relic of the past with original walls, flooring and roof also because of the same pictures and furniture. The café, which is at the highest of a protracted set of stairs, serves breakfast, pastries and lunch with a spotlight on homemade varieties. The coffee menu is standard, but the list of cakes includes one called Ingimar (chocolate cake with coconut, berries, cream, marzipan, and chocolate layers) that definitely makes this a coffeehouse to go to.

Cafe Berlin

This small café in central Akureyri contains a minimalist decor with a muted combination. The café caters specifically to breakfast and lunch on weekdays and brunch on the weekends. Outside of breakfast hours, the café turns into a cafe with a range of cakes like chocolate meringue and other pastries.

Te og Kaffi

Te og Kaffi

Established in 1984, Te og Kaffi became the primary coffee company in Iceland. the corporate has allowed Icelanders to experience specialty coffee drinks in their homeland also as introducing the nuances of the coffee-making process in courses and tastings. Here, you may absolutely find a range of coffees and teas made by professionals and enthusiasts. Although the corporate contains a few locations concentrated in Reykjavik, this can be the sole branch in Akureyri and is situated inside Eymundsson bookstore.

Bláa Kannan

A visit to Bláa Kannan (The Blue Can) is one of the simplest experiences you’ll have in Akureyri. Located on the most street in a very midnight blue building with white trim, this charming café with a wooden interior and soft, chandelier lighting offer a number of the foremost delicious cakes around.


Orðakaffi or ‘Coffee Words’ as it’s called in Icelandic could be a café located upstairs within the Akureyri Municipal Library. This is one of the best coffee shops in Akureyri you should not miss. While the coffee menu is standard, it’s the proximity of being in a very library that creates it one of the most effective coffee shops in town. They also offer light meals for lunch and cake and pastries that are available all day.

Kaffi Vínyl

 Kaffi Vínyl |  The Best Coffee Shops in Akureyri, Iceland

If you’re vegan, this can be the place to travel for you in Reykjavík! If you’re not vegan, go there anyway. Kaffi Vínyl, an all-vegan café and bar, offers amazing food (keep your eyes peeled for a separate post on that) still as all styles of drinks, including coffee. choose from soy, almond and oat milk, hear some hip vinyl tunes and watch a number of the artsiest folks of 101. To be fair, the coffee is nice but not out of this world – however, the heavenly food makes up for everything!

C is for Cookie, Reykjavík

C is for Cookie has the friendliest staff and best value for money altogether of Reykjavík. Except this, the recent chocolate (yes, you are doing have to get topping on top!) is maybe the simplest you would have during the time in Iceland: it’s huge, perfectly tasty, and features a creamy consistency. The coffee is genuine and good – don’t expect latte art but definitely do expect to feel substantially reception at this lovely hidden café on Týsgata.

Café Babalú, Reykjavík

Café Babalú, Reykjavík |  The Best Coffee Shops in Akureyri, Iceland
If you’re taking a stroll on trendy Skólavörðustígur, confirm to come by at Café Babalú. a favorite of locals and tourists alike, it’s fantastically sumptuous cakes, savory soups and sandwiches yet as probably all Pukka tea varieties that exist on offer. The coffee is straightforward and good – but combined with the unique interior harking back to a comic-book store mixed along with your grandma’s front room, sipping your caffeine fix becomes a really relaxing and uplifting experience.

Pallett, Hafnarfjörður

If you’re a real coffee lover and connoisseur, wait no further and take the bus from Central Reykjavík to the picturesque little town Hafnarfjörður. And in fact the welcoming and heart-warming service.

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