The 7 Most Romantic Things To Do in Edinburgh For Couples

Edinburgh is the ideal place to go on a romantic getaway. The city has some fantastic hotels, top-notch dining options, and a wide range of intriguing things to promote romance. The Royal Mile is a lovely area to explore on a date with its small lanes and cobblestone alleys. Below are the 7 Romantic Things To Do in Edinburgh For Couples

The 7 Most Romantic Things To Do in Edinburgh For Couples

1. The Palace of Holyroodhouse

From the 15th century onward, the Kings and Queens of Scotland resided at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, which was constructed in 1128. The Queen still uses it as her official home when she travels to Edinburgh. You may take a tour of the house while she’s not living there. Much of Mary Queen of Scots history is preserved in this palace.

Romantic Things To Do in Edinburgh

Her secretary, David Rizzio, who was stabbed by her envious husband, is commemorated on a plaque. There is a collection of Scottish monarch pictures, although with some artistic license on the part of Jacob De Witt! There is also a sizable collection of artifacts from the 16th and 17th centuries, each of which contains a fragment of Scottish history.

2. Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura in Edinburgh, which translates to “dark chamber,” is a fascinating and enjoyable Romantic Things To Do in Edinburgh to enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the city from Castle Hill. This unique exhibit is set in a Victorian rooftop chamber at the top of the Outlook Tower, which is just next to Edinburgh Castle.

Romantic Things To Do in Edinburgh

The enormous periscope within this strange chamber is projecting moving images of Edinburgh’s landscape onto the walls. Since 1892, the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh has been mesmerizing and amusing tourists as the city’s first purpose-built attraction. The World of Illusions, a playful look at optical illusions and light tricks, is now part of the attraction.

3. St. Bernard’s Well

The next Romantic Things To Do in Edinburgh is to visit St. Bernard’s Well. The calm and lovely St. Bernard’s Well is located on the Water of Leith between Deanhaug Street and the Dean Bridge. There were rumors in the eighteenth century that the natural spring that joined the Water of Leith here had therapeutic qualities. To house the pump chamber, Lord Garenstone commissioned a stunning temple in the classical style in 1788.

Romantic Things To Do in Edinburgh

Ten doric columns and a lovely figure of Hygieia, the Greek goddess of health, are present in the temple. The pump chamber itself has a lovely domed roof with an elaborate mosaic inlaid onto it. Although the pump room is only occasionally accessible, the lovely wooded glen and the soothing, rhythmic sounds of the water passing past make it a charming hidden gem that is well worth finding.

4. Rosslyn Chapel

Within driving distance of Edinburgh, in the town of Roslin, lies Rosslyn Chapel, a stunning and intriguing church dating back to the fourteenth century. William Sinclair, the Lord High Admiral of Scotland and Lord Chancellor of Scotland, who had served as James I of Scotland’s guardian, erected the chapel in 1456. The Apprentice Pillar, the so-called “music boxes” (213 elaborately carved cubes that just from the masonry that some feel contain a secret of some consequence), and allusions to Celtic mythology are just a few of its recognizable and enigmatic design elements (such as the “Green Men”).

Romantic Things To Do in Edinburgh

Many depictions of a plant that resembles American maize are even said to demonstrate that Sinclair arrived in America before Columbus! Also widely included in conspiracy theories about Freemasonry and the Knights Templar, most famously in “The Da Vinci Code,” is the chapel.

5. The Royal Observatory

At the summit of Blackford Hill in the city of Edinburgh, there is an operating observatory called The Royal Observatory. It consists of the Royal Observatory Visitor Center, the Royal Observatory Library, and the UK Astronomy Technology Center. The Observatory is a key component of the University of Edinburgh’s astronomy curriculum and hosts monthly public Astronomy Evenings as well as workshops for both small groups and schools. Every Monday night, they also host a schedule of presentations on various astronomy-related topics. Anyone who is interested in space will love the assortment of odd and amusing goods available in the visitor center shop.

6. Portobello Beach

Romantic Things To Do in Edinburgh

In the suburbs of Edinburgh, there is a seaside resort called Portobello Beach. It was once outside the city borders but as it grew, it was included within the capital as a suburb. A magnificent children’s play area, an amusement arcade, and a great cafe are all located along the long promenade that is around the perimeter of the beach. On a nice day, picnicking families and sun seekers throng to the beach, which is very well-kept. You will frequently see groups of adults and kids sailing dinghies and kayaks to the beach since Portobello Kayaking and Sailing Club (PSKC) operates from the beach.

7. Filmhouse

Romantic Things To Do in Edinburgh

For almost 30 years, Edinburgh has been home to this great independent movie theater. It is dedicated to a program that showcases the greatest international filmmaking, with a number of seasons and festivals honoring certain genres, filmmakers, or themes. A hand-picked selection of recent titles is also available. The three-screen theater is one of the primary locations for the yearly Edinburgh International Film Festival. Special events where directors, actors, and crew discuss their work are frequent, and over the years, the Filmhouse has hosted many well-known figures including Martin Scorsese and Sean Connery. Additionally, it offers a superb cafe and bar.


There are many Romantic Things To Do in Edinburgh, with its windy St. Arthur’s Seat, the bustling Princes Street, the Old Town’s cobblestone lanes and hidden nooks, and the castle situated on its rocky summit. Here are just a few Romantic Things To Do in Edinburgh and romantic day excursions you may do from the city to aid with your adventure planning. Thank you for reading and see you later!

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