Best Things To Do In Reykjavik, Iceland

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Reykjavik boasts endless opportunities for fun as well as experience, from a vivid art as well as songs scene to a treasure trove of world-renowned social and also historic tourist attractions. Although COVID-19 has actually influenced regional services, there is still a lot to see and do in the world’s northern funding. Yet where best to start? Find out in our top list of best things to do in Reykjavik.

Best Things To Do In Reykjavik, Iceland

See the North Lights

Best Things To Do In Reykjavik, Iceland | See the North Lights
Aurora over Stokksnes, Iceland

Iceland is among the very best areas worldwide to experience the uncommon as well as gorgeous Northern Lights. Take a Northern Lights excursion to hunt this natural phenomenon with the help of a skilled guide.

You might have the ability to spot them from midtown Reykjavik, but the very best location to see them within the city restrictions is by the seaside at Seltjarnarnes.

There, you will be away from the street lights and also have the ability to take in the complete majesty of the experience.

The location of Grótta is lovely. Several birds nest there, and also there is likewise an enchanting old lighthouse, ideal for photography fanatics.

Anywhere you can get as far as feasible far from the city’s light pollution is a great area, so see to it to choose your area with this in mind and want to the north.

Discover the general public Gardens and also Parks

There are numerous environment-friendly areas as well as parks you can check out in Reykjavík.

Public yards in the city consist of Hallargarður as well as Hljómskálagarður, by the city pond, in addition to Klambratún/ Miklatún, which border the Kjarvalsstaðir art gallery.

These are preferred areas for exterior video games throughout the summer.

An additional popular destination throughout the year is Grótta, with its iconic lighthouse and also views over Faxaflói bay and also Reykjavík’s signature mountain Esjan (and also Snæfellsjökull glacier on clear days).

You can also locate a foot bathroom (Kvika) among the rocks by the seashore, making this the perfect spot to keep your feet cozy while drinking on a beverage (BYO) and enjoying the Northern Lights.

Immerse Yourself in Icelandic Art & Society

It’s not just in Harpa and also the local real-time efficiencies that you can discover Reykjavík’s art scene.

Take your pick of museums, galleries, exterior sculptures, as well as street art, which are all widely readily available.

The sculpture, Sunlight Voyager (imagined above), is a popular attraction, nestled along the beachfront. It’s close to Harpa Music hall and also has a fantastic view of Mt Esjan.

If you maintain your eyes peeled off, you will likely be able to identify numerous other sculptures around town.

The two biggest sculpture galleries are the Einar Jónsson Museum (beside Hallgrímskirkja church) and Ásmundur Museum in Laugardalur recreational location.
You can discover a couple of other smaller sculpture museums around community, such as Hallstein’s park (Hallsteinsgarður) in Gufunes, and also in Hólmasel in Breiðholt.

You can also take a stroll down Grandi as well as check out the outside sculpture, Þúfa. This is a green circular hillside that you can stroll to the top of and also get great views dealing with Harpa Opera house.

There are additionally loads of art galleries and also smaller art galleries.

The biggest ones are the Reykjavík Art Gallery, Kjarval Museum, as well as the National Gallery of Iceland.

The most recent participant of this institutional family members is the Marshall Residence.

Besides these bigger institutions, you can also locate smaller places such as Mengi, Berg Contemporary, i8, Art Gallery 101, ART67 Gallery, Gallery Fold, and Gallery List, just to name a few.

Go To the Harpa Concert Hall and Old Harbor

Go To the Harpa Concert Hall and Old Harbor
Best Things To Do In Reykjavik, Iceland

Harpa Concert and Meeting Hall is an excellent glass building positioned by the old harbor of Reykjavík.

It deserves seeing this famous structure for its style alone, as you’ll have the ability to admire it both from the inside and also outside and obtain some great images.

It’s additionally worth checking out what’s taking place in the Harpa Music Hall during your stay in Iceland. You might be able to see the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra throughout a rehearsal or participate in a concert with several of Iceland’s most renowned bands.

Troll the Kolaportid Flea Market

The Kolaportid flea market provides a little window right into Icelandic culture. It’s type of like a mini-version of the Spitalfields market in Shoreditch London. Some people are offering crafts. Some individuals are selling old shoes. You can taste the local fermented shark, get the best licorice in the area or troll the utilized book store. There is some delightfully weird stuff for sale in the cubicles as well as it provides a good enhance to several of the various other strange things to do in Reykjavik Iceland.

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