Best Things To Do In Akureyri, Iceland

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Iceland’s second-largest town, Akureyri is taken into account by many to be the capital of the country’s North. Some 18,000 people live here, so by most European standards it’s few city and more of a town, but it’s some exciting sightseeing options and delightful natural surroundings. Read our guide to the best things to do in Akureyri.

Best Things To Do In Akureyri, Iceland

Soak in a Beer Spa

This one is for all the beer lovers. Combine a soothing spa experience with the natural health benefits that the yeast brings on this Beer Spa, and find to taste the Kaldi beer, brewed just round the corner. Sounds a bit too weird ? go for the outdoor hot tubs, regular geothermally heated pools this point, offering panoramic views over Hrísey island, mountains and Þorvalds valley, or try the skin sauna.

Check out the Arctic Botanical Garden

Check out the Arctic Botanical Garden | Best Things To Do In Akureyri, Iceland

What strikes initially sight with Lystigarður Akureyrar, Akureyri’s installation, is that the lovely sense of tranquillity. What’s even more remarkable about this Garden is its extreme location, 50 kilometres only South of the polar circle, easily one in all the northern most botanical gardens within the world. And yet there, a shocking blend of Arctic plants, plants from the temperate zones, and from high mountains manages to grow and survive. The installation is home to 7.000 species, of which Icelandic plants represent about 400. In wintertime, the Garden turns into a fascinating winter wonderland with trees bending with the burden of snow, a favourite stop for flocks of snow buntings.


Go whale watching


Whale-watching is one among the foremost important tourist activities on this a part of the island, because the proximity to Arctic waters means plenty of various whale species are swimming within the area, from the hunchback to majestic blue whales. happening a whale-watching trip can take up a reasonably large a part of the day, since most tours last for around three hours. Most companies also provide extra clothing for his or her clients, meaning that they will sit back and revel in the trip without having to stress about the rain or the cold winds.


The Christmas House


This store sells Christmas souvenirs, food and decorations throughout the year. it’s absolve to visit, so its an excellent stop when wandering around Akureyri, and visitors might even find something that they need to require home. From candied apples to Belgian waffles and malt, everyone will get within the Christmas mood when browsing the things at this store, irrespective of what time of year it’s. there’s also a Christmas garden at the rear, which children are absolute to love.



Akureyrarkirkja | Best Things To Do In Akureyri, Iceland

Akureyri’s church may appear bizarre initially sight, but it’s quite representative of Icelandic architecture. The basalt columns is seen around many towns and cities on this island, since it’s a locally sourced material. The church is found on top of a hill, so while it’s a small effort to climb the steps resulting in it, the view of the town and harbor from the highest is worthwhile. the inside is straightforward yet strikingly pleasant, and also the view from up close of the outside is additionally very intriguing.


Get an ice cream from Brynjuís

Get an ice cream from Brynjuís

Isn’t ice cream the most effective thing after a swim? Treating yourself at Brynjuís is one of the best things to do in Akureyri, known across Iceland for the most effective frozen dessert within the country. Often imitated, never duplicated! it’s something about their recipe unchanged since 1939, a soft-serve milky frozen dessert covered in toppings of all sorts and tempting dippings. You won’t find it anywhere else, and remember, it’s never too cold for an ice cream in Iceland.


Visit Laufás turf houses


On your visit to the North, you ought to visit the Laufás picturesque and vibrant turf houses, whose first historical paper dates back to the settlement of Iceland (874-930), when it had been a renowned church site and chieftain’s residence. The church as you see it today was in-built 1865 and although it’s been recreated and furnished as a house from the first 20th century, it contains special items and timber dating back to the 17th century. The Visitor Centre welcomes you in a very cosy atmosphere, telling you all about local wildlife, nature and history, with a range of local handicrafts on display.

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