Best Coffee Shops In Rio De Janeiro

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Brazil is known for being the coffee capital of the world, yet much to visitors’ surprise, Rio hasn’t got a big coffee shop culture. Brazilians tend to drink coffee black, strong, and with heaps of sugar at local padarias (bakeries). There are, however, some hidden gems located across the city that serve creamy, smooth coffees. Here are some of the best coffee shops in Rio De Janeiro.

Best Coffee Shops In Rio De Janeiro

Curto Cafe

5 Coffee Destinations In Rio de Janeiro

The coffee here is priceless, literally. The concept at Curto Cafe is that guests pay what they want, which is pretty manageable when you only sell three products – espresso, cappuccino, or coffee beans. Despite the lack of humdrum and hullaballoo, Curto manages to cater to coffee-crazed Brazilians all over Rio who come to enjoy the delectable taste and intriguing business model.

Café Carandaí

You’ll find this quaint little cafe tucked away in the Botanic Garden area of Rio, which adds to the unique charm that oozes from the coffee shop itself. It’s likely due to the fact that they only serve coffee beans from São José do Vale do Rio Preto, a region just outside of Rio. The special nod to local coffee production is impressive, and the preparation is even better.

Kraft Café

The Coffee Bar From Ipanema: Kraft Café

Just a block away from Ipanema Beach, Kraft Café has a varied menu tailored around great brunch options, healthy and fresh juices, and smooth coffees sourced sustainably. The coffee beans come from a farm in Minas Gerais, Rio’s neighbouring state, and the owner processes them at a roastery in Cosme Velho. Unlike many coffee shops in Rio that use long-life milk, Kraft Café uses fresh, locally sourced milk, and the taste is all the better for it.

Confeitaria Colombo

Confeitaria Colombo is one of the oldest coffee shops in Rio de Janeiro. There are two: one in Centro and one at Forte de Copacabana. Elegant décor and floor-to-ceiling mirrors create a regal ambience at the one in Centro, which has stood the test of time for over a century. The one at Forte de Copacabana lacks the splendour of its Centro counterpart, yet it makes up for it with pleasant views over the Copacabana beach and bay. Settle down to enjoy the delicious breakfast spread or a creamy coffee with an irresistible pastry or cake.

Casa Cave

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This European-style coffee shop feels more like a French pastry shop than one of the best coffee shops in Rio de Janeiro. However, it truly is one of the best coffee shops in Rio De Janeiro, serving up quality coffee and some of the best pastel de natas in the entire city. Head here for the coffee, but stay here for the continental vibes and truly tasty desserts.

Empório Jardim

The modern, inviting space that Empório Jardim occupies is just part of its unique charm. Here, they serve breakfast all day and offer a variety of gourmet meals. However, it’s the laidback vibes and high-quality coffee that seem to effortlessly pull locals back time and time again.

Café Secreto

In a charming alleyway in Largo do Machado sits the tiny Café Secreto, founded in September 2015. Secreto is conveniently close to Largo do Machado subway station, and less than a minute away from its beautiful church, Nossa Senhora da Glória. Gabriela Ribeiro, the founder, carefully prepares espresso drinks and other brew methods (Hario V60, Kalita, and AeroPress), and sources the tasty food options such as sourdough bread, pães de queijo, cookies, and cakes.


In Rio de Janeiro, A Hub For Coffee, Bikes And Beer At Bastarda

Coffee has always been the perfect fuel for cyclists. And at Bastarda, riders can find a place to rest, buy bike gear, and, of course, have a full cup. Located in the Horto region of the Botanical Garden (where most cyclists in Rio train daily), this modern coffee shop serves a roast blend of Yellow Catuaí and Yellow Bourbon from a farm in Patrocínio, Minas Gerais (north of Rio). Extraction methods go beyond espresso, from Clever Dripper to syphon and AeroPress. One can also find cold brew bottles, ice cold mate (a yerba mate drink made with lime juice), and a variety of local craft beers. To kill the munchies after pedalling, grab a salad or sandwich.

Café Carandaí

Located within a deli and grocery store in the Botanic Garden region, Café Carandaí serves six types of coffee—all made with beans from São José do Vale do Rio Preto, a city located in the mountains of the Rio de Janeiro State that’s not traditionally known for coffee production. The local carioca cup is brewed in a paper filter, with a bit of hot water added. One will also find French press (which serves three to five cups), and espresso that’s prepared via a La Cimbali machine. Also on offer, assorted Brazilian cheese and sandwiches made with homemade breads.

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