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Best Coffee Shops In Athens

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With so many things to do, see, and eat, it shouldn’t surprise you that there’s lots of places to have some excellent coffee in Athens. Java-lovers will be happy to know that there’s plenty of shops with different specialties around Athens that you can try, depending on your coffee preferences. Cold brew, espresso or plain ol’ filter – […]

Best Restaurants In Athens


Chef and food writer Stathis Georgiadis gives the inside track on the best restaurants in Athens, which serve up everything from traditional fare and street food to Michelin-star cuisine and experimental Greek dishes. Best Restaurants In Athens Varoulko Varoulko is one of the most elegant sea-view spots in the city. The Michelin-starred chef Lefteris Lazarou […]

Top Tourist Attractions In Athens

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Athens is a sprawling city established among seven historic hills and surrounded by remarkable mountains. Inhabited for more than 3,000 years, Athens is widely known as the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy. Consisting of a large city center, an urban district and metropolitan area, Athens presents a confusing blend of historical […]

Why Should We Save Energy?


More and more people are going “green” today. And here are a number of reasons why many people are choosing to be economically conscious and why should we save energy. Why Should We Save Energy? Save Money Spending a little bit of money upfront for energy-saving windows or low-energy appliances made for energy efficiency will […]

Ways We Can Help Save The Oceans

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Our oceans are in more trouble than ever before. Right now it is estimated that up to 12 million metric tons of plastic—everything from plastic bottles and bags to microbeads—end up in our oceans each year. That’s a truckload of trash every minute. Traveling on ocean currents, this plastic is now turning up in every […]

Things We Should All Do To Protect Endangered Species

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One thing we humans fail at is seeing the big picture.  We are often blind to the interconnectedness of everything that supports life, a web so complex and interdependent, we are only beginning to understand it. The food chain, from the tiniest little microorganisms to the largest creatures on earth, keep us humans alive. So, when […]

Why Should We Save Endangered Animals?


Why Should We Save Endangered Animals? Plants and animals maintain the health of an ecosystem. And, when species become endangered, it’s a sign that an ecosystem is out of balance. But why does this matter? Well, ecosystems are groups of plants and animals that are found in the same area and interact with each other. These interactions […]